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From immersive theatre shows to educational workshops to bespoke commissions A Line Art are always ready to create unforgettable high quality events for all ages.


Book a Show or Art Project

We have shows and projects that are ready for you to book.


Commission a Bespoke Project

We are always willing to create new work specifically for you.


DIY Kits at Home

We will provide you with everything you need to bring A Line to your home.


Book a Show or Art Project



These shows and projects are ready for you to book.. Just contact us to discuss the details.

If you see another project that is of interest, you can contact us.


Commission a Bespoke Project



No matter the occasion, the A Line Art team are available to design your event – whether it be a fashion party, theatre performance, art event, wedding, festival, school workshop or private home design. We are always ready to transform the mundanity of your venue into a world of excitement and opportunity.

We’d be happy to discuss your ideas and help you come up with the perfect project.


DIY Kits at Home



We no longer do children’s parties, however we will provide you with everything you need to make your own A Line experience at home.


Children’s Party DIY Kit

Create your own children's party at home using our takeaway party kit. Use our cardboard cars or rockets, decorate them and create your own space adventure or driving course at home!

What's inside the kit?

  • Instruction Sheet

  • 25 cardboard rockets or cardboard cars

  • 5 packs of felt tip pens

  • 3 packs of crayons

  • 5 paint pads

  • 2 bags of rollers

  • 1 bag of baby wipes

Total cost = £160 + delivery

If you are holding a party for more or for fewer children we can edit the list according to your needs, and therefore adjust the costs.